Ancient Rome and Ancient Chinese Histories, Its Differences and Similarities

According to history, there is something interesting within Han dynasty and ancient Rome Empire. Both of them are being known as two empires that have biggest influence not only during their golden age, but also in their fall as well. It is not the only thing actually, compare to the other reigns that rule the land, it is noted that both of them are the longest dynasty that dominating it. By looking at this, it provokes Historian, to do some comparisons about the two. Tracking back from ancient Chinese history and Rome, there some similarities you can notice from the two.

Still, among its similarities, the two empires seem very different in certain way. Nevertheless, what’s make both similar and distinctive in the same way apart from the truth that the two are the most influential empires which geographically far away from each other? When it comes to something similar, you may see from its economy system, they both apply agrarian and legalized approach, even so, they’re different in the way both of them produce and organize the system. When it comes to social value, ancient Rome and China share similar ideas, they both employ patriarchic, stratified and conservative. However, in the way to apply both, the two take a very distinctive way.

While ancient Rome provides a bold differentiation in their social system, ancient China treats it in distinctive way. Then, how about their political view? The truth, they look pretty similar, but the thing that makes the two distinct each other, the characteristic of their aristocracy. Apart from its similarity and difference, another notable thing between the two is its development process. Speak for it, ancient Rome starts it earlier unlike ancient China which starts its development after Spring and Autumn period which is known as Warring-in period, when it starts to leave bronze age to iron age.

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