Math Manipulatives and Its Benefits

For its complexity and hard to understand many students recognize math as enemy that make them significantly lose interest to learn this subject. Whether you are parents or teachers, no matter how smart are you in math, it can’t be a guarantee that you can easily help your children or students to understand math. Then, what to do? You need only to pay attention of how you teach math. On another hand, it is all about the learning method to use which make children can understand math better. However, have you ever heard about using manipulatives to teach math?

Teaching using manipulatives, the truth, it is not something new. To convince you, there are some researches about how manipulatives can help children to deal with math problem and other science issues. To know more about the benefits of manipulatives as tools to teach math, beforehand, do you know what manipulatives are? It is actually an object, concrete object more precise that can be touched to envision the abstract model which you find in math. Again, if you trace back even to hundred years ago, you’ll find that manipulatives for math was there.

Math manipulatives allows students to use models to help students understand math better. This is actually the basic learning method that should be applied to assist children in their learning. However, to teach a math with manipulatives, you need to find a reliable source to supply manipulatives such as geometry, match color tiles, algebra tile sets, math centimeter cubes, fractions, and plenty more. Manipulatives as it is made with colorful materials attract children interest to learn math. You must know that the key to a successful learning is started from student’s interest. That’s why manipulatives for math are worth trying. But first, you need to find a good source for manipulatives.

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