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Tips On How To Do Your Wedding In A Different Style

White wedding was the first tradition white wedding that was started long time ago. White wedding style in the most common wedding style practised and used by many people all over the world. White wedding tradition has being ranked by many people all over the global. You can always decide to make your own statement at your own wedding and step away from the white wedding tradition. Many people have opted to add some technicolor in their white wedding.

Most of the bride will feel comfortable walking down the aisle in a white or ivory wedding dress. You can always choose another color for your wedding dress instead of the white one. Your non-traditional colorful wedding dress will also make you look perfect when you are walking down the aisle. You can always go for a wedding dress with a different color if your budget is a little bit tight for you. You can always buy evening gowns from your street stores in a range of colors and designs. There is no need for you to spend a lot money on a wedding dress that will only be worn in one occasion.

By choosing a different color wedding dress, is a better idea because you can still wear it to other special occasions in your life time. This is because it doesn’t stand out as a wedding dress compared to the white dress. This is one of the best benefits of choosing a different color wedding dress. A non-traditional colorful wedding dress is nowadays recommended to be worn by brides during their wedding. White dress is more expensive compared to non-traditional colorful wedding dress and this is a benefit to you. You can also choose a different kind of a ceremony to make your union official.

There are two ways that you can marry your soul mate with a color and fair. It will be a great idea if you choose between a sand wedding ceremony or water wedding ceremony. Bride and groom mixing two different colors of sand into one container is what is usually done in a sand wedding ceremony. This mixing of different colors of sand represents a symbol of unity and they have become two in one. Water wedding ceremony can also be a better option for you when you are ready to marry.

In a water wedding ceremony two different colors of water is put together in one jug as a symbol of togetherness. Before your wedding day you are given an experiment with colors before your big day. The two different colors of water will actually blend to create a new color. Blending of two colors of water in one jug is a symbol of unity and a new family is created.

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