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Key Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Coffee Espresso Machine Espresso machines were only commonly used in commercial coffee shops, but they are currently gaining popularity as a piece of equipment for home use. Espresso coffee happens to be one of the favorite drinks for coffee lovers. Its powerful, potent and rich flavor and the time required to brew has appealed to many. The Kind of Espresso Machine to Select-Buying the perfect machine can be tricky. Whatever type you choose, you should see that it is solidly constructed to handle the heat and pressure involved in making coffee daily. 4 Kinds of Espresso Machines.
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Espresso Machines fall into four categories: manual, semi-automatic, automatic and fully automatic espresso machines. All four kinds deliver fantastic coffee, but the work involved gets lesser as you move from manual to more automated espresso machines. As the amount of work decreases, the price of the machine increases. A number of automatic machines that mill, tamp, quantify, brew, serve and clean-up easily. These are perfect for use in homes and offices.
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Steam. Steam is an Integral feature for espresso coffee preparation. The steam is accountable for the pressure to force water through the espresso granules. So, steam is one of the considerations when looking for espresso machines. Cheap models can be a risky investment due to the uncertainty of their durability and steam efficacy. Based on steam, espresso machines can be grouped as pump-type and manual pump espresso machines. Pump-type espresso machines are electrically driven and more expensive than manual pump machines. On the contrary, manual pump machines require a lot of experimentation to master the steam building process. Fully Automated Espresso Machines. The popularity of automated espresso machines has lead to an increase in sales. Even with their rising popularity, some feel that they have eliminated the human touch in making the coffee. But the espresso machines guarantee consistency in the kind of coffee made. They also produce much less waste. On top of that, they also do away with the need for training, reducing the operating costs for coffee store owners. These machines make awesome lattes, cappuccinos and espresso coffee just by a push of a button and the configurations can be changed using display screens and controls. Automatic machines make the coffee-making process faster, encouraging productivity which translates into higher profit margins. Espresso Machine Prices. Prices vary from $30 for personal manual models and as much as $6000 for fully-automated commercial machines. Reliability and long life come at a cost, so be ready to pay a high price if you are aspiring to find a house espresso machine which may serve you for years. Also, get machines from reputable manufacturer who offer a good warranty.

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